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It may sound crazy to register for gifts for a dog party, but your guests will actually appreciate it. A lot of them may not know what to bring, and having a registry to fall back on will end up making it easier on them.

Since it’s your dog’s birthday the attention should be on them, but you can register for things that the two of you can enjoy together. There are lots of pet lovers gifts that you and your pup

Toys Product at

Toys Product at

Are you always buying quirky gift items that your dog loves? Well here is the next best addition to your collection

Bring laughs to the whole family when they see your beloved dog running around with this crazy cowboy on their back. This dog costume makes for the best snapchat and Instagram videos … who doesn’t want to see a cowboy riding a dog like a wild bull?

The Cowboy Dog Costume is perfect for dogs all shapes and sizes.

-Velcro strap fitted at the base of neck & mid-chest.

-Comfortable, non-irritating fit.

-100% Cotton.